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  • DTF Transfer orders require a minimum of $25 per order.
  • Each order form is considered a separate order and cannot be combined with other orders.
  • The maximum size for DTF Transfers is 20" x 22".
  • The file should only contain one design. No gang sheets. For gang sheets please visit our DTF site
  • The artwork is printed AS-IS and no proof will be provided.
  • An artist help fee of $25 will be added for up to 30 minutes of assistance. This fee is non-refundable, even if artwork is not submitted for a transfer order.
  • DTF Transfers arrive by sheet and individual designs are not pre-cut.
  • We reserve the right to refuse to print text or graphics that contain profanity, are offensive, or in poor taste.
  • To avoid art fees, please provide all artwork in the colors you would like printed. DTF Transfers will be printed in CMYK.
  • Exact color matching is not provided. Please note that the printed product may not match your monitor, as colors on screens are not an accurate representation of how artwork will be printed. We suggest a sample run if you have any concerns about specific coloring.
  • Artwork line thickness should be at least 0.02". Any part of the artwork that is smaller is likely to not print or transfer properly.
  • Vector file format is preferred. If raster images are provided, they must have a minimum resolution of 300 dpi at the requested size and be on a transparent background.
  • Preferred file types: .PDF, .CDR, .PNG, .TIF

    Accept file types: .AI, .SVG, and PSD