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Our Easiest Weeding and Masking Print and Cut Material!

ColorPrint Easy is hands down the easiest weeding print and cut material ever! Simply print and cut your design, weed the excess with ease, and mask with very little effort.  Peeling the carrier is a snap too. ColorPrint™ Easy applies at only 300° F, which gives you the ability to apply to special materials that require a lower application temperature. Logos will have a semi-gloss finish.

Compatible with Eco Solvent and Solvent based inks

 Adheres to: 
•100% cotton
•100% uncoated polyester
•Poly/cotton blends
•Temperature: 300°F/149°C
•Pressure: Medium
•Time: 15 Seconds
•Peel: WARM
Blade: 45º/60º
Composition: PU
Microns/Mils: 80/3.1

Technical Sheet

Comment: Requires TTD Easy Mask to lift graphic from carrier

20" 1YD 11.00
20" 5YD 39.20
20" 10YD 71.29
20" 25YD 173.00
20" 50YD 340.00

29.5" 1YD 17.00
29.5" 5YD 56.54
29.5" 10YD 105.35
29.5" 25YD 258.00
29.5" 50YD 500.00

54" 5YD 110.00
54" 10YD 203.00
54" 25YD 490.00
54" 50YD 955.14