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Ordering Custom Designs & Logos

Orders can be faxed, mailed or e-mailed
800-511-9850. Please include exact dimensions of final design. Faxing distorts sizes.
Prior to mailing a garment, please call the Wellington House Custom Department for instructions.
Mail to: Wellington House Custom Department, 19520 NE San Rafael, Portland, OR 97230
PC standard floppies and recorded CDs are accepted.

Art Fee:
Wellington House will provide you with a quote that includes a set-up fee estimate. Sending electronic artwork to Wellington House via e-mail or regular mail will not waive the set-up fee. Artwork must be modified for cutting purposes.

Set-up fee: $12.00 minimum. If more than 1/2 hour is needed to prepare your artwork, additional charges will apply at $25/half hour. Once you sign off on the quote, artwork set-up will be done, a paper proof will be provided and the set-up fee will be billed to your account. Set-up fees will not be refunded if you cancel your order after artwork set-up has begun.

Reorders of Custom Product incur no art charges as long as they are exactly the same as the original order. Please provide the invoice number and date of original order. Art will be kept on file 18 months from last order.


Include all pertinent information 

Please include your customer account number, company name, phone number and contact name on all correspondence. A Wellington House Service Representative will contact you. We also need to know quantity, color(s), overall height and width of the design and the desired material(s). If sending disks or CDs containing multiple files, be sure to include the file name(s) for review.

Preparing Custom Artwork 

  1. Files can be accepted in the following formats:
    CorelDRAW® - We can accept files in versions 5-X3
    Adobe® Illustrator® - All versions with files saved 5.0 through CS. Files can be saved with either .ai or .eps extension.
    Freehand - Please save files as Adobe® Illustrator® 5. Bitmap - Files with extensions .jpg, .tif, .gif, and .bmp are acceptable. We cannot accept .DAT files. Most bitmaps will be used as guides from which to redraw. If sending Grayscale or B/W bitmaps, please indicate color placement.
    Embroidery Files - .exp or .dst include dimensions of logo.
  2. All fonts used in design must be converted to curves/paths.
    To convert typefaces using CorelDRAW®: With your art ungrouped, select all the type, convert it to curves by selecting “Arrange/ Convert to Curves.” Note that script type styles will need to be welded in addition to being converted to curves.
    To convert typefaces using Adobe® Illustrator®: With your art ungrouped, select all the type, convert it to outlines by selecting “Type/ Create Outlines.”
  3. Support your file with a printed copy of your artwork and indicate exact dimensions. We will check your artwork and dimensions against the transmitted file to ensure accuracy. Include a printout with any mailed disks or CDs.
  4. Please check all files and disks for viruses. Do not send corrupt files. 

Please Note:
Custom orders are made especially for you. We cannot accept returns on custom product. Please review your paper proof thoroughly. Once your signature is received, indicating your proof is correct, the order will be non-refundable/non-returnable.


Purchasing professional and college custom designs for the purpose of profiting from the identity of those designs requires a license. The unauthorized use of registered trademarks and copyrighted logos or designs is illegal. When manufacturing product which incorporates these logos, we assume that you have obtained permission. We do, however, reserve the right to ask for written confirmation of this permission.


Wellington House accepts no liability for any unauthorized use of such material. Wellington House reserves the right to refuse to cut and/or design a customer’s order or parts of an order which are determined to be offensive or which may allegedly be in violation of any legal statute.