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Hot or Cold Peel Digital Textile Transfer Film

  • Complete 100% release of DTF/DTG inks from transfer film and designed for true hot peel or cold peel
  • Manufactured using the finest quality film material at 90 microns
  • Film is stabilized with anti-slip coating on non-print side and is double-side matte to reduce static
  • Print side has a strong ink absorption capacity, making it compatible with most DTF and DTG inks
  • Print the image digitally in sheet or roll format, and apply powder adhesive manually or with shaker dryer
  • Excellent longevity and shelf-life with anti-aging properties
  • Compatible with powdered adhesives
  • CPSIA certified and excellent wash fastness (lab-tested for 50+ consumer cycles) 
Base Weight: 75 Microns / 3 Mil
Coating Weight: 15 Microns + 5 Microns
Ink Capability: Digital Water-Based pigment inks (CMYK+W)
Curing Temperature:* 285°-325° F
Transfer Temperature:* 290°-315° F
*contact ink or powder manufacturer for recommended temp as manufacturers may vary in mesh size, temperature, and speed of dryers 
Transfer Pressure & Time:* Med-Firm / 12-15 seconds
*pressure depends on type of material to which transfer is being applied
Peeling: Hot, cool, or cold
Storage: Keep in a cool, dry environment away from direct sunlight. Reseal packaging after opening if not in use.

HousePET DTF Film 24” x 100m roll 235.00 220.00 185.00