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  Cad-Cut Materials & Supplies

Create custom appliqué fabrics—STAHLS’ ID Directpatented adhesive for in-house application to any fabric.

Time: Tack adhesive side down with fabric/patch facing upward for 3 seconds. Cool completely and remove paper. Affix adhesive side to garment, cover and heat apply 5-15 seconds.

Temperature: 350ºF / 177ºC

Pressure: Medium (#4) Based on STAHLS’® Hotronix®
Heat Presses

Comments: Preheat garment – Cover sheet needed for application to fabric/patch.

Technical Sheet

ITEM# Width 1-4 yds 5-9 yds 10-24 yds 25+ yds SELECTION
28" 7.10 5.20 4.90 4.55